Values & Conduct



We are non-violent in word, action, and thought.

Animal rights, not welfare

Animals need freedom, not bigger cages.

Intersectional awareness

Although we focus on animal rights, we're intolerant of all discrimination—not just speciesism.


We need everyone who's willing to stand with us, even if they're not yet vegan.


We need everyone who wants to organize activism to do so.


Passion and effectiveness—together—create change. Every effective idea is welcome.


Those who don't know can't do better. Let's inform.

Factual accuracy

The truth needs no embellishment.


Our strength is our connectedness, numbers, and teamwork.

Respect for non-vegans

Respect for animals doesn't mean disrespect for humans.


To not exploit is simply inaction. To prevent exploitation needs action.

Animals first

...then also environment, health, and human impoverishment. Animal rights is the strongest door to veganism, but every door should be kept open.

Justice AND compassion

To some, veganism is justice; to others, veganism is love. That's fine.


Because big decisions affect everyone.

Make activists, not just vegans

Veganism leads to non-exploitation, but only action leads to more vegans.

Code of Conduct

In JFA spaces, participants are expected to...

  • Be calm, patient, and understanding at all times

  • Interact respectfully with all persons

  • Outreach with a sensitive, professional tone that matches our serious content

  • Promote abolitionist veganism

  • Respect instructions given by event organizers, including requests to not attend

  • Focus outreach on animal rights first and supplementing with environmentalism, human health, and human welfare

  • Wait for bystanders to stop to watch footage before engaging them

  • Remain straight, still, and silent while in the structure

  • Focus on the conversations, not the cards

  • Wear either plain black or JFA attire

Participants are expected to not...

  • Outreach if not vegan

  • Interject into others' outreach unless invited to

  • Promote welfarism, baby steps, journeys, etc.

  • Record video unless arranged with the event organizer

  • Chase bystanders

  • Block public walkways

  • Take photos while bystanders need outreach

  • Appear intoxicated

  • Eat food near the demonstration (drinks are fine)

  • Sticker or chalk near demo locations or in businesses near them

  • Touch others without consent

  • Sexually harass any individual (if such is witnessed, notify the event organizer or a representative immediately)


  • Conduct violating JFA's values or code of conduct will not be tolerated at JFA events or in connection with JFA online

  • A first violation will result in a private discussion and a warning

  • A second violation will result in permanent measures

  • Distinctly strong violations, such as physical or verbal abuse, may immediately result in permanent measures

If a participant fails to meet these expectations, please contact an organizer.