Homo Sapiens

Homo sapiens was not the only human species. There once were many, but some historians think Homo sapiens killed them all off. That is how we started our history. With speciesism.

Now we’re at animal speciesism’s fall, but while this victory cannot be measured, I find it interesting to look to our future.

Will we achieve true freedom for children while still being able to protect them?

Will we drive speciesism back further, giving plants, fungi, micro-organisms, and viruses their own moral consideration?

Will we establish rights for artificial intelligence?


Non-carbon-based life-forms?


Virtual copies of uploaded consciousnesses (stripped their capacity to change or learn)?

Known future life-forms? (Individuals or generations that may come.)

Theoretical future life-forms? (Ones of not-yet-imagined nature that, nonetheless, we could discover.)

Multi-verse parallel individuals we create with each choice we make?

Those in the afterlife?

Those who could and will exist (due to choices made in the present)? For example, will we find a way to grant those not born yet a right to not exist?


Although we’re all Earthlings, we’re also Galaxlings.

And we’re Universlings most of all.