Everyone Reacts

Don’t look. This is why I’m vegetarian. Who wants burgers? I’m already vegetarian. Oh, god. Get a job. What is this? Animal cruelty? The Purge! Anonymous! Hackers! It’s PETA... Get a life. Get off the sidewalk. Thank you for doing this. God bless all of you. Keep up the work. What group is this? Do you have a website? Look at these white people. How can you care about animals when there are people starving in other countries? This is nothing compared to what I’ve seen. Why the masks? Only cowards wear masks. I like the masks. I love your presentation. Why would you show kids this? This is propaganda. I’ve worked on a farm like this. I’ve worked in a slaughterhouse like this. How can someone do that? I’d like to do that to them. I can’t watch this. Don’t look at it. I wanna see it. Is this from around here? What company is this? This is why I hunt. This is why I buy local. This is why I buy organic. This is why I’m vegan. I’ve seen this in another city. How do you get the footage? Is this live? Don’t they get tired? How long have you been out here? What’s the solution? What can we do? Are you guys vegans? That’s disgusting. I just ate a hotdog. I just ate ice cream. I was just about to eat. I’m never eating meat again. What documentary is this? This makes me wanna be vegan.

Everyone reacts differently to seeing the truth. What matters is that they react.