I emptied the sky. I am its terror.

I bled the stone. And made it feel.

I squeezed the mountains. I am the god-son.

I butchered the rock. Then made it peel.

I cornered the rain. I am the endless.

I woke the lightning. Then made it ride.

I stretched the tides. I am Poseidon.

I snuffed the air. Now still it hides.

I bittered the sun. I’m the defiler.

I yoked the thunder. Made it my slave.

I bent the moon. I am its maker.

I skinned the oceans. Now they’ve the grave.

I spoiled the wind. I am the spiteful.

I bruised the sea. And it’s still red.

I groped the forests. I am insatiable.

I tangled the stars. They’re starved and dead.

I straddled the gods. I am their master.

I wrung the sands. They bled me life.

I scattered the morning. I am the devil.

I hunted the night. Made light my knife.

I twisted North. I have the power.

I bred the lands. Now more are mine.

I cast the fire. I am a weapon.

I unmade heavens. Hells, get in line.

I choked the deep. I am a killer.

I blinded rivers. Their paths are gone.

I lent the species. I am their owner.

I hamstrung time. Its death is long.

I stained the earth. I am insoluble.

I split its orbit. It can’t come back.

I tripped its spin. This is my playground.

I took its poles. It’s mine to sack.

I am mighty.

I am immutable.

I am Man.

And I’m here to stay.