What Do You Call

What do you call a group of activists?

One activist is called a “shift.”

Two activists make up a “change.”

Three activists go by a “ripple.”

Four activists are named a “justice.”

Five activists become a “shockwave.”

Six activists compose a “movement.”

Seven activists are dubbed an “uprising.”

Eight activists form a “rebellion.”

Nine activists say they’re a “persuasion.”

Ten activists prefer “an upheaval.”

Eleven activists some term a “mutation.”

Twelve activists answer to “revolution.”

Thirteen activists create an “epiphany.”

Fourteen activists construct an “awakening.”

Fifteen activists constitute a “reimagining.”

Sixteen activists assume a “transformation.”

Seventeen activists are referred to as a “metamorphosis.”

Eighteen activists embody an “eventuality.”

Nineteen activists self-title as an “inevitability.”

Twenty activists we call a “liberation.”