Conversation is the one way to prevent your words from being thrown away.

If they’re tossed, you catch and throw back again.

—This is all standard practice.

“Not where I’m from.” *turns*

—Where are you from?

“Where folks actually farm animals.” *turns*

—Why do that?

“’Cause that’s what we know. How we put food on the table.” *turns*

—What about now?

“I don’t now, but that doesn’t change what I choose to eat.” *turns*

—Why not?

“’Cause it’s still the same. Just the circle of life.” *turns*

—What do you mean?

“I mean the strong hunt the weak. Always been that way.” *turns*

—So it’s OK to hurt others if others did?

“That’s not what I said. I said it’s always been that way.” *turns*

—Why does that matter?

“’Cause things don’t change. Never will.” *turns*

—You know, slaver owners said the same thing.

“You trying to compare humans to animals?”

—I’m saying things change.