I can understand vegetarians, but veganism sounds like a cult.

I’ll try this vegetarian thing. But I’ll still have shrimp now and then.

I’ll click this video.

I think I have to be vegan now.

I’ll learn some more.

I’ll watch all these, too.

I can’t beat the logic.

I’ll say something. No one around me knows they’re in the Matrix.

I’ll order some cards.

I’ll order some leaflets.

I’ll leave them around places.

I’ll try stickers and chalk.

I’ll give an ultimatum to family to have them watch a video.

I’ll succeed with a few.

I’ll find something effective I can do every day.

I’ll try over fifty things, just looking for the best one.

I’ll almost give up.

I’ll finally find what I was looking for.

I’ll never miss a Cube.

I’ll stand still for hours if I don’t have to talk.

I’ll bus to other cities for this.

I’ll hold a screen by myself if one person will outreach for me.

I’ll push for more equipment—whatever makes us better.

I’ll tattoo this obsession on my head.

I’ll be losing our leader soon. I guess I’ll have to start talking.

I’ll outreach now.

I’ll organize stuff if no one else is going to. We have to do more.

I’ll find other places to do this. Surely they’re out there.

I’ll find others who are as obsessed as I am. We can team up.

I’ll bus for hours to new chapters. They need support.

I want better equipment. Let’s get it.

I want us to have an activist vehicle. Let’s get it.

I want us to have an activist house. Let’s talk.

I’ll join the online team. Why not?

I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for two years. Let’s celebrate.

I’ll Cube and outreach for 12 hours. Good idea, friend.

I want to do more still.

I want to do more.

Still, I want to do more.

It’s amazing how one thing can change you.