The Angriest Little Vegan

The Angriest Little Vegan

The angriest little vegan is a nice, quiet boy

And in being angry he never takes joy

But people are murderous scumbags, you see

And laugh at all his friends’ suffering with glee

When humanity’s dead, he’ll be happy again

Or at least when its heart’s grown bigger by ten

But until then, he must carry pictures of screams

So monkeys can see what their selfishness means

If you see the angriest vegan pass by

Just give him a hug—just give him a “hi”

All that it takes to see that he smiles

Is to show humans care just once in a while

And if what he holds makes you turn away

Just know you are why he is angry each day

For giving just thoughts for your family and friends

Means you don’t give a fuck if any other life ends