We All Get There

“Veganism is extreme.”

“I only buy local and humanely raised.”

“I don’t eat much meat anyway.”

“I’m already vegetarian.”

“Really, I just can’t give up cheese.”

“I’m pretty much already vegan except when it’s inconvenient.”

“I haven’t eaten meat for a while now. And dairy and eggs are gross.”

“I’ve been trying vegan off and on for my health.”

“My girlfriend’s vegan, so it’s just easier.”

“I couldn’t keep supporting those industries if I called myself an environmentalist.”

“I finally met the animals, and they were just like my dog. I couldn’t after that.”

“Bodies and secretions just don’t look like food anymore.”

“I’m not a lion or baby cow. Period.”

“I won’t tolerate racism or sexism; I won’t tolerate speciesism.”

“If I were in their position, I’d want someone to speak up for me.”

“Until every cage is empty, I will be their voice.”

“My life is now dedicated to standing up for those I once hurt.”

“I can’t think of a better use of my every waking moment on this planet.”

“My body is no longer mine—it’s theirs.

It’s their tool for liberation.”

We all get there someday.