Although we face those to whom we speak, to them, we might as well be. The symbol stands.

In that we are here not for ourselves but for others, we are anonymous.

Because truth must be faced but not its messenger, we are anonymous.

So our replacements continue the message but don’t become it, we are anonymous.

In that we are no one so that can be anyone, we are anonymous.

So that we can be anywhere, innumerable, and uncountable, we are anonymous.

So our every face stands for our sum, not our parts, we are anonymous.

Because our masks are our true faces—and our faces, masks—we are anonymous.

Since we serve those ripped their identity, we, too, are anonymous.

So those changed honor the victims, not more humans, we are anonymous.

Only when the whole world’s masked will we cease to be anonymous.

And that day comes.