Thank You

Do you mind if I hide behind your red-stained apron?

We match, so the butcher won’t find me.

Would you care if I tucked up inside this truck?

Where you’re going must be far better than here.

You won’t tell if I crawl up atop this trailer?

My mother only wants me to stay safe.

None will snitch if I stow away inside this cage?

If I close it, hunters can’t get in.

Could you, please, just hold me when my rapist comes again?

I weep to know just one who doesn’t help.

Might you, maybe, spare my mom the sight of my kidnap?

If you weren’t there, she’d never bear the pain.

Won’t you take my sisters ’way so they don’t share my fate?

Without you, they’d not lives full for mine.

Can’t you, kindly, pray o’er me when my killers dine?

If not for you, my soul would be forgot.

I thank you.