In just one day—as one person—a vegan prevents…

one babe from facing their blood fate,

one mother from losing her child,

one sibling from seeing their dead mate,

one father’s sex forced and defiled,

one friend from having forever lost friendship,

one ally from facing this hell life alone,

one neighbor from losing a calm, passing kinship,

one stranger from walking a long line of bones,

at least one HUMAN missing more lunches,

at least one mother mourning their health,

at least one sibling splitting small munches,

at least one father slaving for wealth,

at least one friend sharing in the despair,

at least one ally toiling to aid,

at least one neighbor wishing life fair,

at least one stranger’s Western wealth made,

no less than one FOREST DWELLER losing their homestead,

no less than one sibling fighting for heat,

no less than one mother failing at mouths fed,

no less than one father fearing ends’ meet,

no less than one friend dreading their own day,

no less than one ally’s tears at hands tied,

no less than one neighbor watching the world fray,

no less than one stranger’s glee at land spied,

even one WORKER numbed more to the violence,

more so, one INDUSTRY growing with greed,

no less, one HEALTH RISK’S slow growth in silence,

but mostly, one OTHER seeing self as the need.

No “one” is ever a “just.”