The 1-2-3’s of Cubes of Truth

Charge everything.

Clean the masks.

Update the FB chat that the Cube is happening soon.

Pack the box of cards, speaker, handwarmers, literature, tablets, TVs, bungee cords, signs, table, tablecloth, remotes, extra hats and gloves, clicker counters, iPads, foot pads, masks, disinfectant wipes, charging cords, banner, battery, extension cords, umbrellas, rag, burner phone, cart, wagon.

Arrive early.


Claim the Cube spot.

Use the bathroom.

Greet early arrivers.

Introduce yourself to and brief early new volunteers.

Set up the table, tablecloth, literature, and cards.

Divvy out cards, clickers, and warmth.

Kill time until a majority arrives.

Prep the speaker, tablets, TVs, pads, iPads, battery, and cords.

Circle up.

Introduce newcomers.

Brief. (If mostly veterans, just touch-up and brief newcomers privately once the Cube is up. If many newcomers, brief in full.)

Find Cube volunteers.

Distribute masks.

Strap Cubers in.

Tighten the Cube.

Straighten the Cube.

Ensure all have cards.

Tidy up belongings.

Spread out outreachers.

Photograph outreach.

Straighten devices and signs.

Make brief welcoming rounds with everyone when not busy.

Check on Cubers.

Livestream if not busy.

Swap out Cubers.

Expand the Cube.

Shrink the Cube.

Move the Cube.

Monitor and adjust music volume.

Greet late arrivals.

Arm late arrivals with cards, masks, and status of Cube.


Talk politely with cops.

Talk politely with security guards.

Talk politely with store managers.

Smile and wave.

Stay close to Cubers when weirdos threaten.

Keep an eye on belongings.

Refill the table’s card and literature stacks.

Frequently check all have enough cards.

Laugh and reassure when strange things happen.

Monitor the weather.

Put up umbrellas when needed.

Respace the Cube when umbrellas are added.

Respace the Cube when umbrellas are dropped.

Give extra attention to first-timers.

If managing multiple Cubes, bounce between them constantly.

Redistribute activists between Cubes.

Clean masks if there’s a shortage.

Find water on extreme summer days.

Adjust screens for glare.

Ensure all footage is looping.

Ensure all footage is silent.

Ensure no side-by-side footage is similar.

Check device wetness in rain.

Wipe down wet devices, burner phone, and battery.

Cover power strip when in rain.

Keep an eye on overhead tree’s shade.

Move the Cube to follow the shade.

Check devices are still playing footage.

Plug back in TVs whose cords fall out.

Restart footage on interrupted devices.

Hold devices when Cubers swap in and out.

Politely discourage eating at the Cube.

Disperse outreachers that bunch together too much.

Politely quiet chatty or loud outreachers.

Ensure outreachers don’t block the screens.

Encourage vegan bystanders to get active.

Use the bathroom.

Ensure one organizer is out at all times.

Contact security or police if worrying individuals linger.

Know your rights and stand your ground against those who claim you must move.

Always be polite but never apologize for what you’re doing.

Check each Cuber individually—and frequently.

Go in the Cube.

Show your volunteers you trust them.

Encourage all to help the Cube run smoothly.

When nearing the end time, notify Cubers how many minutes are left.

Thank each person that leaves and enters the Cube.

Get tallies from those who leave early.

Answer questions.

Write down the name of everyone who attended.

Repeat first-timers’ names over and over.

Check on shifty Cubers.

Restart footage that reaches its end.

Tighten and loosen straps.

Find better-fitting masks for Cubers.

Run to the store mid-Cube for a needed power strip, speaker, or army of umbrellas.

When the time comes, break down the Cube on non-busy sides, maintaining a roughly equal amount of Cubers on each side.

Leave Cubers up that are needed for final conversations.

Bring out the TV and tablet boxes.

Pack in the TVs, tablets, and signs and remove them from the Cube.

When the final conversation is closing and a song is coming to the end, slowly drop the volume and then kill the music.

Get all equipment out of the way of the public’s path.

While people chat excitedly, wrangle up masks, cards, and clickers.

Break down the table, tablecloth, and literature.

Pack everything on the cart or in the wagon.

Grab a quick video of all those present for later reference.

Interrupt everyone so that they all circle up.


Thank all for their time, presence, dedication, sacrifice, passion, frozen limbs, perseverance, growth, bravery, and patience.

Share interesting stories from the demo.

Encourage others to share their own.

Re-emphasize the importance of our every action—and of every individual who attends.

Thank first-timers in particular and welcome them to all future demonstrations.

Say the millionth joke about the weather.

Recap that quality conversations matter more than quantity and that Cubing is the most important job of all.

Try to inspire those who came to come back—and those who come back to continue doing so.

Remind what’s counted as a tally.

Go around, adding up the tallies.

Announce the final number.

Rejoice, whatever the number, for even if it were zero, our being there was important.

Give the upcoming week’s activism forecast.

Describe briefly how to find other local activism events and who to contact about them.

Thank everyone for dying from frostbite.

Finalize the packing-up of everything.

Announce that many enjoy getting food and drinks after the Cube...and that that tradition shall continue!

Delegate the chore of deciding the restaurant when/where to someone else while you pack three hours of chaos.

Personally store the belongings of those who left stuff behind.

Write down any missed names while you have the chance.

Hug everyone a hundred times, no matter how sick anyone is.

Guess that shoe.

Announce that you have to pack shit into cars but will meet everyone at said food/drink place.

Depart...and pack up that shit.

Find friends again where finally there is warmth.


Eat, drink, laugh, talk vegan, and thank the gods for the friends you have.

Do it all again the next day.