It’s rough.

Carrying the same things.

Going the same places.

Saying the same words.

Seeing the same dismissals.

Hearing the same laughs.

Feeling the same anger.

Knowing the same reactions.

It gets old.

Erecting the same table.

Passing the same cards.

Playing the same footage.

Giving the same briefing.

Forcing the same smile.

Making the same energy.

Predicting the same time, place, routine, day, week, month, year.

It gets tiring.

Healing the same losses.

Noting the same disappearances.

Plotting the same patterns.

Pretending the same newness.

Writing the same posts.

Adding the same numbers.

Taking the same pictures.

It gets numbing.

Charging the same devices.

Ordering the same refills.

Upgrading the same equipment.

Updating the same music.

Receiving the same interest.

Realizing the same emptiness.

Watching the same tide.

...But it stays worth it.

Meeting the new faces.

Making the new friends.

Teaching the new lessons.

Learning the new tricks.

Hearing the new stories.

Trying the new places.

Taking the new steps.

It stays meaningful.

Engaging the new bystanders.

Understanding the new strangers.

Raising the new questions.

Surprising the new minds.

Opening the new hearts.

Challenging the new thoughts.

Creating the new thinkers.

It stays necessary.

Preventing the new cruelties.

Stopping the new cycle.

Laying the new foundation.

Instilling the new culture.

Paving the new future.

Turning the new page.

Defining the new justice.

It stays urgent.

Knowing the new billions.

Knowing the new methods.

Knowing the new extinctions.

Knowing the new poverty.

Knowing the new consumption.

Knowing the new generation.

Knowing our species.