Masters of destiny

Makers of change

Mappers of futures

Modelers of worlds

Menders of injury

Maskers of guilt

Marauders of endlessness

Movers of stars

Mixers of secrets

Measurers of worth

Meeters of fate

Mobbers of kin

Miasma of creation

Maulers of wellness

Musers of consequence

Muters of victims

Milkers of chance

Mutineers of sanity

Murderers of origin

Majors of war

Merchants of morality

Moorers of progress

Molesters of intentions

Maimers of peace

Miners of redemption

Muggers of defeat

Monsters of potential

Magicians of conceit

Mimickers of history

Maddeners of wisdom

Mourners of legacy

Martyrers of God

Humanity has many names and many meanings to many minds.

It’s not too late to make a moniker our own.