A male chick ground up alive.

A dairy cow molested by a farmer.

A piglet castrated without anesthesia.

A fish taking hours to suffocate.

A sheep’s hind sliced off in mulesing.

A fox anally electrocuted.

A female chick’s beak burned off.

A newborn calf ripped from its mother.

A runt pig’s skull smashed on concrete.

A fish skinned and gutted alive.

A sheep beaten bloody when sheared.

A mink gassed, drowned, poisoned, broken.

A broiler chicken’s legs buckling under.

A male calf slaughtered as waste.

A pig biting bars in psychosis.

A fish’s lungs exploding when hauled in.

A lamb’s throat gored for halal.

A fox skinned while still alive.

A bird’s body smashed into a truck.

A spent cow slaughtered as a child.

A sow’s litter squished, sick, starving.

A packed fish farm breeding disease.

A sheep’s pure white slashed red.

A cow’s throat sawed for its skin.

A chicken meeting the kill blade while conscious.

A female calf chained in isolation.

A pig’s infections cut from its body.

A murder of fish measured in tons.

A lamb bleating for its slaughtered mom.

A fur animal’s cage-made psychosis.

Which image made you vegan?