The Angriest Little Vegan, Chapter 2

The Angriest Little Vegan, Chapter 2

The angriest little vegan often feels down

It’s clear from his eyebrows, his death stare, and frown

But it’s not his fault that so much disappoints

How would YOU feel if most hope left your joints?

He once was a vegan with bright eyes and big plans

With wonder and fire and fearless demands

And that worked for some time, but now you can see

That passionate vegan turned angry slowly

For years he had thought that hot justice he knew

Would burn through all others and light them up, too

But time after time he watched torches stay dim

And wondered if ever they’d heat up like him

So if he looks like he’ll run you to the ground

He’s just saving time, for no fuel has he found

To fire up wet blankets who to their flesh cling

And believing in you’s the most angering thing