Change Begins

One warrior can create change.

Two teammates soon start a snowball.

Three thirsters insist on insurgency.

Four founders turn into a team.

Five friends draft demand for difference.

Ten truth tellers call canon into question.

Twenty tide-turners spark a surge of skepticism.

Fifty fire-starters begin to brew rebellion.

A hundred hearts jolt and jump-start justice.

Five hundred fearless—all over—assemble armies.

One thousand world-over push progress present.

Five thousand furious pave a path for peace.

Ten thousand tell-alls expose exploitation everywhere.

Fifty thousand negate never-ending norms.

One hundred thousand finalize fate’s future.

One million mouths make the world wake up.

A single city spurs centuries’ speciesism’s stop.

One country’s contrarianship finds foothold for immeasurable more.

A continent’s calling-stand forms future’s reform.

Each on earth embraces equality unequivocally.

A first utopia finds feet, sans centuries’ sins.

A new world order promises peace and compassion over power.

A new tomorrow comes closer…gentler…than you think.

If we don’t start with the present, we surely will never reach the future.

Change begins when we choose it does