The ABCs of Animal Exploitation

Alligators’ spines severed for skins and bags.

Bulls gored and bled to death for crowds.

Bees starved and burned for stolen honey.

Cows and calves raped and murdered for milk.

Chicks mutated and ground for eggs and flesh.

Ducks fattened and force-fed for foie gras.

Elephants shackled, excruciated for entertainment.

Fish scared but skinned alive for filet.

Foxes caged, crazed, and skinned for fur.

Geese plucked in pain till dead for down.

Horses bred, raced, and spent for sport.

Insects pinned and presented—or powdered for protein.

Jaguars poached and pawned for skins and bone.

Kangaroos killed proudly en masse like plague.

Lambs mutilated, slaughtered, shorn bloody for bolts.

Mice implanted, injected, vivisected for science.

Narwhals hunted for horns—torn ivory tusk teeth.

Orangutans made homeless and orphan for oil.

Pigs pounded, cut, castrated, gassed for pork.

Quail robbed and shot for sport and eggs.

Rabbits ripped their fur—while screaming—for fashion.

Seals clubbed bloody red—and sawed for skin.

Turkeys tortured by tens of millions as thanks.

Urchins gouged, gutted, and dished as delicacies.

Vaquita poached and picked clean to near extinct.

Whales shot and bled till blood’s but water.

Exotic animals traded and touted as trophies.

Your own animals bred and bought and bound.

Zoo animals prisoned; their crime: being pretty.