Try to smile.

Talk to everyone.

Assume absolutely nothing about anyone.

Don’t be shy—wave, get close, and speak up.

Be nothing if not patient.

Relate to everyone.

Carry a pen.

Know everything on the screens.

Help organize, whether you’re an organizer or not.

Kids make the best conversations—never pass one up.

Be the most pleasant to even the most unpleasant.

Don’t let them drive the conversation.

If you’re ever stuck, bring it back to the animals.

Bring the focus always back to the footage.

Always thank everyone.

Pretend you like people.

Don’t waste time on time wasters—unless you’ve time to waste.

Advocate nothing less than veganism.

Trust in yourself.

Ask to help—don’t tell what to do.

Fake confidence—it’ll come.

Laugh readily.

Ask questions.

Be there for people, not against them.

The moment you can no longer empathize, you’ve lost.

Adapt your body and language to each person.

Hug those that need it.

Ask bystanders’ names and shake their hands.

Talk so that for each bystander you address, four more will hear.

Don’t sneak—they’ll see.

Remember, you wrestle folks’ desperate defenses, not their hearts.

Don’t count who’s absent—rejoice who’s present.

Be on the job; duty compels more than leisure.

Deliberately learn all your comrades.

Always ask for help—everyone loves helping.

Never burn bridges.

If you want something done, just do it.

People are never the enemy—their conditioning is.

Look who you talk to in the eye.

Others’ anger stays their own until you want it.

Don’t let any escape unconnected.


Enter every conversation for that unique person, not you.

Never give up; someone will come.

Any acquaintance now could become lifelong family soon.

Never assume how others’ lives look.

Nobody is past learning from a stranger—including you.

Don’t lie—that defeats you.

Say what each individual needs to hear.

Connect with people—don’t speak at them.

Pretend each conversation is enlightening.

Treat every argument you’ve heard a thousand times as if it’s your bystander’s first.

Talk with your hands.

When they need to watch in silence, watch with them.

A person’s age has no bearing on their knowledge.

Match their body language.

Make the person you’re talking to your only focus.

Find the good in everyone.

Make the connection your goal for others, not veganism.

Act as if you trust everyone’s truthful.

Never despair.

Welcome surprises, for many will come.

Be there for the animals, never yourself.

Know the lives you affect each day.

Remember: one saved is always more than none.