When You Say

When you say, “But I like bacon”…I see the conscious mutilation and orphaning of infants and hear, “I feel guilty but can’t show it.”

When you say, “Let’s get some burgers”…I see the torture and genocide of Earth’s gentlest creatures and hear, “I can’t seem weak around family.”

When you say, “I can’t give up cheese”…I see male infanticide and the rape of their sisters and hear, “I can’t swallow the horrors I’ve paid for.”

When you say, “I’ll never be vegan”…I see the greatest holocaust in the history of the solar system and hear, “I can’t risk losing my friends.”

Vegans aren’t your enemy. We reach out to you because we’re like you—we found it hard accepting the truth, too. But together, we won’t be alone—we share your pains, you share our hopes. Then we go out and change the next well-meaning person.

But we’re starting with you.