What Will I Think

“I love meat.”

“I get mine local.”

“I get mine organic.”

“I don’t care.”

“I’ve got more important things to worry about.”

“I don’t like animals.”

“I’d rather worry about people.”

“I can’t afford it.”

“I need animal protein.”

“I tried it—it was gross.”

“I tried it—it made me sick.”

“I have a friend who tried it; they’re weird.”

“I can’t give up cheese.”

“I slaughter mine myself.”

“I’ve killed people.”

“I’ve been to war.”

“I’ve seen worse.”

“I hunt instead.”

“I don’t support factory farming.”

“I love mine before I kill them.”

“I only eat a little.”

“I know this already.”

“I choose to—that’s personal.”

“I eat animals because the Bible says to.”

“I only eat halal.”

“I’m on top of the food chain.”

“I’m just playing out the circle of life.”

“I’ve always eaten this way.”

“I have a business that does this; therefore, I must.”

“I can’t change anything.”

“I can’t watch.”

“I’m already vegetarian.”

“I’m too old to change.”

“I know more than you do.”

“I’m smarter than they are.”

“I feel better when I eat them.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“I’m already doing enough.”

“I’m on a journey at my own pace.”

“I have a family to think of.”

“I don’t want to force it on my child.”

“I’m too busy to care.”

“I was insulted by a vegan.”

“I don’t live there.”

“I doubt that’s the case everywhere.”

“I’ll die anyway.”

“I have to eat them, or they’d eat me.”

“I’m doing them a favor—they wouldn’t be born otherwise.”

“I had a bad experience with a cow, chicken, pig, fish, or turkey.”

“I could get stranded somewhere.”

“I could starve.”

“I’m not a white, privileged person.”

“I’m not afraid of death.”

“I respect their sacrifice.”

“I can’t give up culture.”

“I can’t change my habits.”

“I hate veggies.”

“I can’t live on salads.”

“I was told to eat animals by someone I trust.”

“I’m a hypocrite.”

“I’m lazy.”

“I just care about convenience.”

“I don’t believe what I’m seeing.”

“I don’t have any vegan friends.”

“I’m not ready.”

“I don’t support extremism.”

“I don’t like attention getters.”

“I can’t trust those who hide their faces.”

“I tried it and found it hard.”

“I’m not one of them, so it doesn’t affect me.”

“I only live one life—just let me live it.”

“I did my time as an activist.”

“I’m none of your business.”

“I keep them from overpopulating.”

“I can’t imagine how they’d live NOT on a farm.”

“I can’t care; otherwise, I’d also have to not eat plants.”

What will “I” think of next?