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Who We Are

Justice for Animals is an animal rights street movement and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We show bystanders the realities of animal agriculture and teach them the only alternative: veganism. We also loosely partner with the animal rights sites JusticeForAnimals.org, ActsofJustice.com, and dispaar.org. Although we took up the name Justice for Animals in 2019, we've been operating since early 2017. If you'd like to bring Justice for Animals to your area, contact Isaac Nickerson at 206-794-4385 or isaac.s.nickerson@gmail.com.

Legal "Purpose of Corporation"

Justice for Animals educates the public about animal agriculture and animal rights issues by using informational videos, personal conversation, and supplementary literature and resources. The educational content often also touches on issues such as the environment, human health, and human impoverishment.

The Formats

We currently have two formats: structures and pay-per-views.

In structures, some volunteers stand in a silent structure and hold footage of animal agriculture. Meanwhile, volunteers outside the structure outreach to viewers who've stopped to watch.

In pay-per-views, volunteers pay bystanders to watch a video that shows and discusses the realities of animal agriculture. This format uses less personal outreach but can educate many with few volunteers.

These are our main formats for fulfilling our key components: footage and outreach. However, other formats are welcome.


We ask that outreachers give a clear vegan message—not encourage vegetarianism, welfarism, or journeys. We recommend asking questions most of all. And because outreach is an exercise in bridge building, respect and patience are key. But never retreat from the truth: speciesism is unjust, and veganism is a moral imperative.

Animal agriculture is not the root problem—speciesism is. The idea that one life is innately more valuable than another is the heart of every injustice. It is this idea that we must challenge.


For structures, we recommend muting footage and playing music or narration instead to set an appropriate atmosphere.

For pay-per-views, we recommend forgoing music, as viewers will be watching and listening to footage and narration privately.


For structures, there are plenty of high-quality videos online. Here are some of our favorites:

Dominion: https://www.dominionmovement.com/

Earthlings: http://www.nationearth.com/

Land of Hope and Glory: https://www.landofhopeandglory.org/

Lucent: https://www.aussiepigs.com/lucent

For pay-per-views, we recommend What Cody Saw, although similar videos, such as 10 Billion Lives and Farm to Fridge, are acceptable.


For structures, if you choose to have any in your structure hold a sign instead of a screen, please keep the sign content educational or neutral in tone. However, please note that since Justice for Animals' key purpose is to use footage and outreach, signs should be considered supplementary.

For pay-per-views, only text-only signs and banners regarding payment are advised. Anything suggesting animal suffering deters potential viewers from watching the footage.


For structures, if you'd like those in the structure to wear attention-grabbing adornments, here are some common choices: blindfolds, masks, sunglasses, tape over mouths, hats, hoods, or simple costuming. 

For pay-per-views, adornments are not necessary.


When possible, please keep attire professionally consistent. For structures, either minimal messaging or animal rights messaging is ideal. Justice for Animals also has its own custom design for self-printing.

For pay-per-views, we recommend zero animal rights messaging.


Justice for Animals has a card design you can use, but feel free to use other literature, too. These organizations have some of high quality:





What This Means

If you have the will, have the way, and are on board with JFA's values and simple vision, call yourself JFA and hold events! Professionalism is key, but action itself is most of all. Change needn't perfection—just a catalyst.

Let that be you.